IEEE Journals Archive

Perpetual access to over a century of scientific research

Institutions can now gain convenient and perpetual access to historical issues from over 200 IEEE archival journal titles. 

This collection brings the earliest volumes of landmark IEEE titles to the researcher's desktop, enhances the discovery process, and examines the foundations of today's research. 

With seminal works from pioneering IEEE authors and from our predecessor organizations, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), this collection helps preserve material that may have been otherwise out of reach.


Features and benefits

The complete IEEE Journals Archive spans a century of scientific research with more than 339,000 articles from thousands of authors. More benefits include:

  • one-time purchase with perpetual access for your entire institution with no annual fees for active IEEE subscribers;
  • most cost-effective way to ensure perpetual access to some of the most highly cited and seminal information available;
  • ensures perpetual access to archival information for your organization regardless of future budgetary issues;
  • saves on storage and administration costs associated with maintaining paper archives;
  • coverage extends back to Volume 1, Issue 1 for content published between 1884 to 1994;
  • more than 339,000 articles available in PDF format;
  • covers a wide range of disciplines in electrical engineering and computing;
  • fills gaps from your library's print archives and preserves scholarly material;
  • makes elusive and out-of-print archival material easily available;
  • saves time with instant desktop access instead of sifting through library stacks or looking for inter-library loans.


How it works

IEEE Journals Archive is available in a number of flexible options designed to fit budgets of any size. Whether you are interested in the entire collection or smaller subsets of content, IEEE has an option suitable for any institution.


How to subscribe