IEEE Conference Library Plus
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Instant access to the most current conference research for your organization's needs

IEEE Conference Library Plus gives subscribers unlimited access to any current year IEEE conference paper published in the last two years, along with the flexibility to view a limited number of documents outside the core subscription.

Please note: this subscription option is only available to corporations and not available to academic institutions.


Features and benefits

Your subscription includes:

  • unlimited access to all IEEE conference papers published in the last two years
    • rolling backfile of all current year papers plus previous two years
  • more than 35,000 eBook chapters from two IEEE-Wiley collections and MIT Press
  • an additional 500 document downloads to view other journal articles or conference papers outside your core subscription, including content from IET, MIT Press, IBM, VDE, Nokia, Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information, American Geophysical Union, and SMPTE
  • the latest research from the leading innovators in a wide range of technologies
  • affordable access to the same information used by today's most innovative companies and your top competitors;
  • robust search tools with a user-friendly interface
  • an option to replenish document downloads at any time
  • an online file cabinet for rapid collaboration


How it works

IEEE Conference Library Plus is delivered via the IEEE Xplore digital library. Subscribers will have instant, full-text access to any current year IEEE conference paper, with a rolling backfile of two years—simply click on the PDF or HTML (when available) link and the paper will automatically open. These paper views do not count against the total document counter.

IEEE Conference Library Plus subscribers can also view 500 documents outside the core subscription. These articles can be downloaded into the online file cabinet for access at any time, by anyone in the company. As articles are downloaded, the document counter will be debited to indicate the number of downloads remaining.

Please note: The shared file cabinet stores a maximum of 10,000 documents.

Download a product sheet (PDF)


How to subscribe

IEEE Conference Library Plus includes unlimited, full-text access to all current year IEEE conference papers, along with 500 document downloads.

IEEE Conference Library Plus—2018 single-site price US$40,250
Subscribers may also replenish their document downloads throughout the subscription year:

  • 100 articles at US$12/article: US$1,200
  • 500 articles at US$12/article: US$6,000
  • 1,000 articles at US$12/article: US$12,000