InnovationQ Plus
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InnovationQ Plus is a powerful innovation discovery and analytics platform that combines deep engineering knowledge from IEEE content with’s global patent and non-patent literature. Powered by’s proprietary cognitive retrieval engine, InnovationQ Plus rapidly sifts through massive amounts of big data to quickly and efficiently pinpoint relevant patents, applications, and non-patent literature, delivering industry leading search results.

InnovationQ Plus enables IP discovery, analysis, and mapping of patent and non-patent material in one easy-to-use, highly accurate search tool.

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What makes InnovationQ Plus different?

Semantic Search                    


Cutting Edge Semantic Search

Patented semantic search technology uses machine learning to provide more comprehensive and accurate results than a simple keyword search.                                                              

  Comprehensive Global Patent Database                         

Global Patent Database

Comprehensive patent coverage with nearly 90 million patents and applications from the USPTO, EPO, WIPO, and several international authorities.

Highly Cited Content     


Highly Cited IEEE Content

IEEE is critical non-patent literature—it’s cited in patents three times more than any other publisher. Over three million IEEE documents are full-text searchable.


Insightful Visualizations


Insightful Visualizations

View visualizations that reveal competitive intelligence and the market landscape, including the Map tool where you can easily identify opportunities and leading organizations within a technology space.


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