Towards 5G: New eBook Now Available
8 Dec, 2017

This eBook brings together visionaries and technical experts from academia to industry to discuss the applications and technologies that will comprise 5G communications. From the IEEE-Wiley Telecom eBooks Library now available in IEEE XploreRead More


Morgan & Claypool eBooks Now Available in IEEE Xplore
12 Jun, 2014
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IEEE has partnered with Morgan & Claypool to bring the Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBooks Library to the IEEE Xplore digital library. The collection consists of nearly 600 eBook titles that synthesize an important research and development topic, focusing on computer science and engineering innovations.

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2015 eBooks available in IEEE Xplore
23 May, 2014
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Drive your research with new technical titles in the Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBooks Library, IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library, and MIT Press eBooks Library. Read More