The Power of Two: Combining Concept and Boolean in Patent Search Webinar
21 Dec, 2017

Watch this recording to learn how InnovationQ Plus combines semantic and Boolean patent searching to improve searches around patentability, freedom to operate, and invalidity.

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Webinar: See the Newest Features in IEEE Xplore and What's Coming Next
19 Dec, 2017

View the presentation slides of the free webinar, hosted by an IEEE CSM Ruth Wolfish, to see what features and content have been added this year and what you can expect for 2018.

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Authentication Fit for Wearables: Using Behavioral Biometrics for Increased Privacy
18 Dec, 2017

Securing data on wearables is a challenge that has stumped many a device maker. But a recent first-of-its-kind study, with results published in IEEE Xplore, shows that combining voice and touch recognition may be the key to preventing hackers from gaining access to personal data. Read more

Why We Must Fight for the Right to Repair Our Electronics
15 Dec, 2017

What would the world be like if we couldn't repair our electronics? The November issue of IEEE Spectrum explains how pending U.S. legislation could force manufacturers to make repair parts and information available at fair prices. Read More

Perfect Posture: Smart Fabric to the Rescue
15 Dec, 2017

Clothing designed with new, patent-pending smart fabric technology can help improve posture and reduce pain for increased comfort. The smart fabric uses built-in sensors which include accelerometer sensors, load sensors to capture movement, and pulse sensors to monitor body vitals. Read More


Towards 5G: New eBook Now Available
8 Dec, 2017

This eBook brings together visionaries and technical experts from academia to industry to discuss the applications and technologies that will comprise 5G communications. From the IEEE-Wiley Telecom eBooks Library now available in IEEE XploreRead More


Social Media: New Perspectives to Improve Remote Sensing for Emergency Response
7 Dec, 2017

The newest issue of Proceedings of the IEEE explains how, with the rapid development of social media data, new opportunities have become available to complement and fill the gaps in remote sensing data for disaster relief and emergency response. 

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Fly the Electric Skies
4 Dec, 2017

IEEE Spectrum takes you into the cockpit of an electric powered airplane in its September issue:

There is no roar, no engine vibration, just the hum of electricity and the soft whoosh of the propeller. You can converse easily with the person in the next seat, without headphones... 

IEEE Spectrum Magazine

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Free Webinar: Discover SMPTE Content in IEEE Xplore
27 Nov, 2017

On 30 November 2017, join us for a free webinar on how to find and use SMPTE standards, journal articles, and conference proceedings in IEEE XploreRegister Now.

Announcing the MyXplore App
22 Nov, 2017

The new MyXplore app helps you save time and stay current on the latest research in your field, at anytime and from anywhere! Now available in beta, this easy to use app allows you to set up notifications based on your research interests and get notified as new content in those areas is published in IEEE Xplore. You can scan article titles, authors, and abstracts and link to IEEE Xplore for the full text (may require login and/or subscription). Many more new features are in development now and you can also send feedback and ideas for future enhancements. The new MyXplore app is now available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Just search for “MyXplore”!

Reminder: subscribing organizations also have the option to set up remote access authentication so that authorized users can conveniently access IEEE Xplore content on mobile devices when away from the office or campus. Contact IEEE Online Support to have remote access set-up for your institution.

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IEEE Technology Report on Wake-Up Radio Now Available
17 Nov, 2017

Stay ahead of the curve and learn about Wake-Up Radio with a new groundbreaking technology report from IEEE, now available in Xplore. Order a copy today.

IEEE Wake-Up Radio

IEEE-Wiley Telecommunications eBooks Library
17 Nov, 2017

Stay informed about the ever-evolving field of telecommunications in this new collection of eBook titles with concentrated content applicable for students, researchers, and practicing engineers. Read more

IEEE Journals Continue to Excel in Citation Rankings
22 Jun, 2017

Each year, the Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) from Clarivate Analytics examines the influence and impact of scholarly research journals. JCR reveals the relationship between citing and cited journals, offering a systematic, objective means to evaluate the world’s leading journals.
The 2016 JCR study, released in June 2017, reveals that IEEE journals continue to maintain rankings at the top of their fields. Read more

eBook Alerts By Publisher Now Available
30 May, 2017

IEEE Xplore users can now receive an alert when new content is available from the publisher of their choice including IEEE, MIT Press, or Morgan & Claypool. Learn more

IEEE Xplore eBook alerts

IEEE partners with Code Ocean
14 Mar, 2017

IEEE Authors: Share the Algorithms Published in Your Papers

IEEE and Code Ocean recently partnered to enable IEEE authors to upload, share, and run their code on the Code Ocean platform, accessible through IEEE Xplore.

Code Ocean is an easy to use web platform in which users can share and run code in the cloud. Users are able to easily upload their code and associated data to the site, where other users are able to run them and/or modify them.

The code is typically associated with research published in scholarly articles, from IEEE and other publishers. Users of Code Ocean can also search and browse for code on the platform.

Learn More about the IEEE and Code Ocean partnership  

Upload your code today for any new or previously published IEEE articles 

Ethical Hacking eLearning Courses Now Available
6 Feb, 2017

A hot, new topic aimed to assist businesses in understanding the weak points in their cyber security, Hacking Your Company: Ethical Solutions to Defeat Cyber Attacks is ideal for technical professionals across all industries who support their company's IT departments and require up-to-date information on this threat. These 8 courses are designed to help mid/advanced career professionals in IT, computer science, and related fields, to identify new issues and trends.

View the full list of Ethical Hacking courses

Webinar: Turning Ideas into Patented Market Opportunities
27 Jan, 2017

In this 60-minute webinar, see how IEEE can help you innovate—from generating new ideas, to effectively applying for a patent, and then commercializing those ideas in the market   Read More

View a Recent IEEE Webinar on the New InnovationQ Plus
3 Jan, 2017

InnovationQ Plus allows organizations to save valuable time and money in the patent application process and inform organizations on how to protect and commercialize IP faster than ever. In this recent webinar that demonstrates the new InnovationQ Plus from IEEE and, you will see how IP professionals can gain greater patent intelligence with this new analytics solution that semantically indexes IEEE content and global patents in one integrated platform.

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Recent IEEE Xplore Enhancements
3 Jan, 2017

IEEE Xplore has some new and exciting enhancements your organization can use to get the most out of your subscription.
Just as the content within IEEE Xplore grows each year, the platform is also constantly being upgraded to enable users to easily find and discover the solutions they need with robust search tools, convenient access options, and a mobile optimized experience that ensures users can access the information they need, when they need it.
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Client Services Tutorial Videos and Tip Sheets
3 Jan, 2017

IEEE offers videos and tip sheets to help your organization get the most out of your subscription and optimize your research time using the IEEE Xplore digital library. These videos are helpful if you are looking for a refresher and they provide tips and techniques to make your research go smoothly. In addition to these videos, IEEE also offers tips sheets that can help with search maximization, optimizing results, and various other useful tips.

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Multimedia Challenge
30 Dec, 2016

Join the IEEE Xplore Multimedia Contest 

Multimedia Challenge

How has IEEE Xplore impacted your life? How does the IEEE Xplore Digital Library help you succeed? We want to hear your story! Please send us short videos and photos that tell the story of how using IEEE Xplore helped you in school, at your job, or with your career. Have fun and share your successes. 

Submit your photos and videos here:

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Recommend IEEE Xplore to your Manager
30 Dec, 2016

You already know the importance of having access to IEEE Xplore for your work—let us help you prove the value to your management team.

The IEEE Xplore digital library is your gateway to trusted research—journals, conferences, standards, ebooks, and educational courses—with over 4 million articles to help you fuel imagination, build from previous research, and inspire new ideas.

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Cyber Security eLearning Courses Now Available
27 Dec, 2016

Do you want to stay current or enhance your cyber security knowledge? Your organization can do so through IEEE’s new elearning course series now available from IEEE Xplore. These courses are peer-reviewed and updated by leading experts in the field which will offer tremendous benefits to your organization.

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Top Downloaded eBooks in 2016
15 Dec, 2016

IEEE Xplore has more than 2,000 eBook titles from three leading collections: IEEE-Wiley eBooks, MIT Press eBooks Library, and the Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBook Library. View the top downloaded titles of 2016 Read More

August 2016 IEEE Xplore Release
30 Aug, 2016

In the August 2016 IEEE Xplore Release, several enhancements were made available including: 

  • New unified view of the article abstract and full-text HTML - The abstract and full-text HTML have been merged to create a unified, more user friendly experience for IEEE Xplore users. This enhancement allows users to better engage with and leverage features included in the abstract pages and the HTML versions all in one place. Authenticated users will now go directly to the full text, increasing usage and engagement with the article.
  • Secondary author affiliation - These affiliations will display on the article details page. Users will also be able to search for secondary authors based on their affiliation (as you would for a primary author).

For more information, please visit:

IEEE Xplore® Digital Library Reaches Four Million Documents as Pace of Technical Contributions Accelerates
18 Aug, 2016

PISCATAWAY, N.J., 18 August 2016 – The IEEE Xplore digital library, one of the world’s largest collections of technical literature in engineering, computer science and related technologies, recently reached a milestone with a total of over four million documents now available in its vast repository.  Read More

Get early access to the 2017 NESC edition today!
28 Jun, 2016

IEEE is pleased to announce the latest 2017 National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC ®) coming to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library on 1 August 2016

Want to learn more about the latest updates in the NESC Code
View the Rules To Live By Infographic and learn the vital role NESC plays in ensuring the safety of companies, employees, and the public alike. As NESC continues to adapt and reflect innovations in technology and new challenges, it’s imperative to stay compliant with the latest electrical engineering safety practices.

Contact us to learn how to pre-order today!



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Most Popular eBook Titles in IEEE Xplore
12 May, 2016

With nearly 2,000 eBook titles from three leading collections, IEEE Xplore is your source for cutting-edge eBooks content. Click below to view the top downloaded titles of 2016 to date from the IEEE-Wiley, MIT Press, and Morgan & Claypool eBook libraries. Read More

Webinar recording available: Discover the New InnovationQ Plus from IEEE and
11 May, 2016

This informative, one hour session, held on 20 April 2016, focused on how InnovationQ Plus, a powerful discovery and analytics platform that combines the deep engineering knowledge from IEEE content with’s global patent and non-patent literature, which enables IP discovery, analysis, and mapping of patent and non-patent material in one easy-to-use, highly accurate search tool.

This webinar is ideal for all professionals involved in patents; including Intellectual Property Departments, Patent Attorneys, Patent Liaisons, Technology Transfer Offices, and more.

Author Disambiguation Results Live in IEEE Xplore
1 Feb, 2016

The February 2016 release of IEEE Xplore includes the disambiguated author names which will improve precision and recall of searches on IEEE Xplore. With this release, a unique author ID will be assigned to each author of an article.

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Top Downloaded eBooks in 2015
7 Jan, 2016

IEEE Xplore provides access to more than 2,000 eBook titles across three leading eBook collections. Read more to see the top five most downloaded titles of each collection in 2015 Read More

Collaborating to Reduce Content Gaps in Discovery: What Publishers, Discovery Service Providers, and Libraries Can Do to Close the Gaps
17 Dec, 2015

IEEE publishes article titled "Collaborating to Reduce Content Gaps in Discovery: What Publishers, Discovery Service Providers, and Libraries Can Do to Close the Gaps".

Discovery Services Relations Manager, Julie Zhu and IEEE Client Services Manager, Jalyn Kelley partnered with discovery service providers and libraries to identify content gaps between the IEEE Xplore platform, discovery service indexes, and select library discovery service interfaces. Their recently published open access article in Science & Technology Libraries illustrates the content gaps, causes, and how IEEE is collaborating to reduce these gaps and adopt best practices for exposing publisher content in discovery services. View and download the article here.

2015 Year in Review
8 Dec, 2015

Every year, IEEE Xplore adds new content/features to provide you the best experience while delivering the highest quality technical content. This year, IEEE Xplore celebrated its 15 year anniversary and continues to be the leading resource of scientific and technical information.  Here’s a list of the most popular new features and enhancements added to IEEE Xplore in 2015.

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Last Chance to Access Free eLearning Courses
1 Dec, 2015

Earlier this year, 41 complimentary eLearning courses were made available via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Don't miss this opportunity to access these select courses! This offer expires 31 December 2015.

Browse these free courses now 

Upcoming Webinar: An Inside Look at IEEE Standards
30 Nov, 2015

IEEE is the leading developer of industry standards in a broad range of technologies such as communication, power and energy, computing, bioengineering, and many more. Standards fuel the development and implementation of the technologies that influence and transform how we live, work, and communicate.

To learn more about IEEE standards and the IEEE Standards Collections, join us for an exclusive one-hour webinar titled “An Inside Look at IEEE Standards” hosted by Ruth Wolfish, IEEE Client Services Manager.

For your convenience, this webinar is offered at different times. 

  • Tuesday December 8, 2015; 8:00 am EST
  • Tuesday December 8, 2015; 12:00 pm EST

Learn more and register here.

Innovation Spotlight
7 Oct, 2015

The IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight features articles on cutting-edge topics handpicked from over 3 million technical documents in the IEEE Xplore digital library. Research found in IEEE Xplore solves critical industry issues, keeps technology professionals at top organizations up to date, and helps develop the technologies of tomorrow. Read these spotlighted articles on

Tips for Using IEEE Xplore
7 Oct, 2015

Looking to learn new tips and tricks for using IEEE Xplore?

Training is available via live webinars or self-paced tutorials. 


IEEE Collabratec Now Available to IEEE Xplore Users
14 Sep, 2015

IEEE Collabratec is a new integrated online community where technology professionals can network, collaborate, and create — all in one central hub. Technology professionals around the world can take advantage of productivity tools, plus IEEE members and institutional subscribers can access exclusive features.

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IEEE Xplore Release 5.5
1 Jun, 2015

Latest release of IEEE Xplore includes an improved eLearning experience, mobile-friendly search results, and a MathJax plugin. Read More

Remote Access available for IEEE Xplore
22 May, 2015

IEEE Remote Access is now an option for IP authenticated customers to offer roaming access to users who need to access the institutional IEEE Xplore subscription off-site. Users in participating institutions can use this new feature to access IEEE Xplore content on mobile devices when away from the office or a secure network, similar to VPN.

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IEEE Xplore celebrates 15 years of information driving innovation
24 Apr, 2015

In May 2000, the IEEE Xplore Digital Library was officially launched providing online access to thousands of users worldwide to the leading, most-cited information available in engineering and technology. This was an important milestone in technology as IEEE Xplore would go on to become one of the leading resources of scientific and technical information in the world that technologists would rely on to stay up to date, accelerate their research and drive innovation.

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of IEEE Xplore, we take a moment to thank our authors, members, volunteers and subscribers for making this milestone possible and reflect on how IEEE Xplore has evolved to support the needs of our ever growing base of users all over the world.

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IEEE Xplore Release 5.3
2 Mar, 2015

February 2015: IEEE Releases latest update to the IEEE Xplore digital library

In the latest release of the IEEE Xplore digital library, several enhancements were added:

  • New Subscription: Smart Grid Connected Homes Standards
  • Remote Acces
  • Sorting options now available for popular articles and volume only journals (current and past volumes)


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Authorship Workshop Video: How to Publish a Technical Paper with IEEE
29 Jan, 2015

Authorship Workshop Video: How to Publish a Technical Paper with IEEE 

In 2014, the IEEE hosted a series of live authorship workshops across India, China, and Europe. The workshop focused on how to publish a technical paper with IEEE. The workshop offers advice on everything from how the IEEE publishing process works to basic writing tips and submitting a manuscript. A recorded session is now available for viewing.



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Top 25 Most Popular Morgan & Claypool Titles
28 Oct, 2014
thumnail photo one

1. The Datacenter as a Computer: An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines, 2nd Ed.  Luiz André Barroso, Jimmy Clidaras, Urs Hölzle

2. A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache Coherence Daniel J. Sorin, Mark D. Hill, David A. Wood

3. Essentials of Game Theory: A Concise Multidisciplinary Introduction Kevin Leyton-Brown, Yoav Shoham

4. Introduction to Semi-Supervised Learning Xiaojin Zhu, Andrew B. Goldberg

5. Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining Bing Liu


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2014 Journals are available on IEEE Xplore
27 Oct, 2014
thumnail photo one

Eight new 2014 journals are now available in IEEE Xplore. Read More

Technology spotlight: Wearable RFID tags
24 Oct, 2014
thumnail photo one

Technology spotlight: Wearable RFID tags Read More

Now available in IEEE Xplore from MIT Press: the latest issue of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
24 Oct, 2014
thumnail photo one

 Now available in IEEE Xplore from MIT Press: the latest issue of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Read More

Proceedings of the IEEE: Bioinspired Imaging: Discovery, Emulation, and Future Prospects
24 Oct, 2014
thumnail photo one

Proceedings of the IEEE: Bioinspired Imaging: Discovery, Emulation, and Future Prospects Read More

Explore new technologies: Graphene content in IEEE Xplore
24 Oct, 2014
thumnail photo one

Explore new technologies: Graphene content in IEEE Xplore Read More

Issue highlight: IEEE Spectrum, How to Catch Brain Waves in a Net
24 Oct, 2014
thumnail photo one

Issue highlight: IEEE Spectrum, "How to Catch Brain Waves in a Net" Read More