Author Disambiguation Results Live in IEEE Xplore
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The February 2016 release of IEEE Xplore includes the disambiguated author names which will improve precision and recall of searches on IEEE Xplore.

In 2011, IEEE partnered with Parity, Inc to leverage Parity’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Author Profiling System to enable the development and maintenance of unique author and institution identifications for an enhanced IEEE Xplore author search experience and new value-added services.  

Author disambiguation establishes authority files for authors and institutions by identifying all articles written by a given author or at a given institution, while simultaneously distinguishing between different authors having the same name.

The problem of determining whether records in a database refer to the same person is critical for both publishers and users because ambiguous names data can hamper the accuracy of results retrieval for search queries based on author names.

The benefits of author name disambiguation include:

  • Improved precision of results retrieval for author name searches
  • Improved results of bibliometric analyses
  • Ability to create individual author profiles and provide new author information services. This also helps to develop the author’s “brand”

With this release, a unique author ID will be assigned to each author of an article. Searches will then yield results for each variation of that author name associated with that ID.  Author names will be standardized with First Name, Middle Initial (where available), and Last Name (for example: John M. Smith).

Users will see a greater improvement to the search and recall of author names. This release sets the groundwork for other author-related enhancements in the future, such as:

  • Author names rolled up into author facet
  • Hover over for author name variations
  • Author and institutional publication pages
  • Affiliation data beyond primary author