Most Popular eBook Titles in IEEE Xplore
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With nearly 2,000 eBook titles from three leading collections, IEEE Xplore is your source for cutting-edge eBooks content. Here are the top downloaded titles of 2016 to date from the IEEE-Wiley, MIT Press, and Morgan & Claypool eBook libraries.

IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library

  1. Pulse Width Modulation for Power Converters
  2. Power System Protection
  3. Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB
  4. Power System Economics
  5. Adaptive Filters

M&C Synthesis eBooks Library

  1. The Datacenter as a Computer/An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines
  2. Aaron Swartz’s The Programmable Web/An Unfinished Work
  3. Data Management in the Cloud/Challenges and Opportunities
  4. A Handbook for Analytical Writing/Keys to Strategic Thinking
  5. How We Cope with Digital Technology

MIT Press eBooks Library

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Processing
  3. Principles of Robot Motion
  4. Reinforcement Learning
  5. Learning with Kernels