Important information for IEEE subscribers using Swets Information Services
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On 19 September 2014, an Amsterdam court granted Swets Information Services a "provisional suspension of payments." As a result, it is possible that some orders and payments placed via Swets will not be processed and passed to IEEE.
Considering the current situation, IEEE advises against sending renewals and payments for IEEE subscriptions through Swets and instead using other subscription agents or ordering directly from IEEE. If you have recently made any payments to Swets for IEEE subscription renewals, please contact our Customer Center representatives to review the status of these orders. If you would like to place orders directly with IEEE, or check on the status of an existing order, please contact
IEEE will honor fulfillment of all 2015 orders already placed through Swets via the IEEE Xplore digital library. Please note that all orders, including those for print, will be fulfilled through online access via IEEE Xplore. If you are having difficulty with fulfillment of your Swets order, please contact with your customer information.

*For international accounts, please note that direct payments to IEEE can only be made in USD.