Top Downloaded eBooks in 2015
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IEEE Xplore provides access to more than 2,000 eBook titles across three leading eBook collections, following are the top five most downloaded titles of each collection in 2015:


IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library

  1. Power System Protection
  2. Pulse Width Modulation for Power Converters/Principles and Practice
  3. Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB
  4. Adaptive Filters
  5. Power System Economics/Designing Markets for Electricity


Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBooks Library

  1. The Datacenter as a Computer/An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines
  2. Aaron Swartz’s The Programmable Web/An Unfinished Work
  3. The Taxobook: Principles and Practices of Taxonomy Construction
  4. A Handbook for Analytical Writing/Keys to Strategic Thinking
  5. A Concise Introduction to Models and Methods for Automated Planning


MIT Press eBooks Library-Computing & Engineering Collection

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Learning with Kernels/Support Vector Machines, Regularization, Optimization, and Beyond
  3. Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots
  4. Types and Programming Languages
  5. An Introduction to Computational Learning Theory