Top 25 Most Popular Morgan & Claypool Titles
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IEEE has partnered with Morgan & Claypool to bring the Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science (SDL–ECS) to the IEEE Xplore digital library*. The collection consists of nearly 600 eBook titles that synthesize an important research and development topic, focusing on computer science and engineering innovations. Below is a sampling of some of the most popular titles.


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1. The Datacenter as a Computer: An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines, 2nd Ed.  Luiz André Barroso, Jimmy Clidaras, Urs Hölzle 

2. A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache Coherence Daniel J. Sorin, Mark D. Hill, David A. Wood 

3. Essentials of Game Theory: A Concise Multidisciplinary Introduction Kevin Leyton-Brown, Yoav Shoham 

4. Introduction to Semi-Supervised Learning Xiaojin Zhu, Andrew B. Goldberg 

5. Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining Bing Liu

6. Learning Programming Using MATLAB  Khalid Sayood

7. Active Learning Burr Settles

8. Performance Analysis and Tuning for General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU)  Hyesoon Kim, Richard Vuduc, Sara Baghsorkhi, Jee Choi, Wen-mei Hwu  

9. Introduction to Statistics for Biomedical Engineers Kristina M. Ropella

10. MATLAB for Engineering and the Life Sciences Joseph V. Tranquillo

11. An Introduction to Kalman Filtering with MATLAB Examples Narayan Kovvali, Mahesh Banavar, Andreas Spanias

12. Computer Architecture Techniques for Power-Efficiency  Stefanos Kaxiras, Margaret Martonosi

13. Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space Tom Heath, Christian Bizer

14. Shared-Memory Synchronization Michael L. Scott

15. Pragmatic Logic William J. Eccles

16. Multithreading Architecture Mario Nemirovsky, Dean M. Tullsen  

17. Reasoning with Probabilistic and Deterministic Graphical Models: Exact Algorithms Rina Dechter

18. Security Basics for Computer Architects Ruby B. Lee

19. On-Chip Networks Natalie Enright Jerger, Li-Shiuan Peh

20. Transient Signals on Transmission Lines: An Introduction to Non-Ideal Effects and Signal Integrity Issues in Electrical Systems Andrew F. Peterson, Gregory D. Durgin

21. Mining Heterogeneous Information Networks: Principles and Methodologies Yizhou Sun, Jiawei Han

22. Introduction to Embedded Systems: Using ANSI C and the Arduino Development Environment David J. Russell

23. Crafting Your Research Future: A Guide to Successful Master's and Ph.D. Degrees in Science & Engineering Charles X. Ling, Qiang Yang

24. Understanding the Financial Score Henry E. Riggs

25. Information and Influence Propagation in Social Networks Wei Chen, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Carlos Castillo


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*The Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBooks Library is not available via IEEE Xplore to academic institutions in North America and some regions of Europe. Please contact your IEEE Account Manager for further details.