IEEE Xplore Release 5.5
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Latest release of IEEE Xplore includes an improved eLearning experience, mobile-friendly search results, and a MathJax plugin.

We are excited to announce that several new features to IEEE Xplore were released on 29 May 2015.

All eLearning content will now be delivered through the IEEE Xplore digital library. This includes a modern, mobile-friendly design for eLearning content plus greater tools for easy discovery of eLearning content of interest.

The following five courses are free for a limited time:

  1. Cloud Based Solutions for Big Data 
  2. Cloud Computing Enabling Technologies 
  3. 4G Broadband LTE 
  4. Transportation Electrification: Applications of Electric Drive Trains
  5. Smart Grid: From Concept to Reality 


  • Redesigned, mobile-friendly search results

The redesign will include a new, updated look for search refinements, action bar, icons, and search results list.


  • My Projects feature transition

My Projects within IEEE Xplore will become inactive as IEEE prepares for a new collaboration solution with enhanced document management capabilities. During this transition, users will still be able to access saved folders and articles, but new articles cannot be saved to folders.


  • New MathJax plugin

Feature allows users to view and copy MathML code as well as TeX Commands through HTML versions of full-text documents. Right click on an equation within an HTML document and choose "Show Math As" to reveal the equation in either MathML or TeX Commands