Research is an essential part of your role, but finding trustworthy information quickly and in time to meet your project deadlines can be challenging. The consequences of utilizing misinformation for your projects can be devastating to your progress and could send you back to square one, or even worse, completely invalidate your findings.

Before you start your next research project, you should consider:

1. How do you know the research is credible and trustworthy?

IEEE information is synonymous with quality. Each year, the Journal Citation Reports® (JCR®) from Clarivate Analytics examines the influence and impact of scholarly research journals. The 2021 study, released in June 2022, reveals that IEEE journals are ranked at the top of their fields with 8 of the top 10 journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and many #1 journals in a range of fields. In addition, a study from 1790 Analytics, LLC, demonstrates that IEEE information is cited in patents nearly 3x more than any other publisher.

Source: 1790 Analytics, LLC, Copyright 2022.

2. What are your peers using?

Researchers from the top academic, government, and corporate organizations subscribe to IEEE Xplore, including the top 100 engineering and technology universities worldwide, as well as many of the top Forbes Global 2000 companies in semiconductors, telecom, computing, and other fields.* Each month, over five millions users visit IEEE Xplore and download more than 15 million articles. 
*Source: 2022 Forbes Global 2000, US News & World Report 2022, Times Higher Education 2022.

3. Do you have enough time to find all the information you need?

Whatever environment a researcher works in today, results are expected faster than ever. IEEE conducted surveys of 750 professionals across 10 technology industries about the impact of IEEE Xplore on the research process. Respondents indicated that using IEEE Xplore sets the stage for ongoing process improvements including increased productivity, time savings, and more efficient problem solving. In fact, two-thirds of respondents said IEEE Xplore significantly reduces their research time, with many indicating it cuts their research time in half.

When you start your research at IEEE Xplore, be assured that you are starting with a base of knowledge that is the top-cited information in the field, trusted by millions of researchers each month which saves subscribers valuable time and money.

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