The IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight reports on new research published in some of the world’s most highly cited journals in electrical engineering, computer science, communications, power and energy, and nearly all other aspects of technology. The topics within the Spotlight cover significant issues impacting industry and society today, chosen from the plethora of rich, multi-disciplinary content available through the IEEE Xplore digital library of over 4 million technical documents.

Whether it’s an advancement that maximizes the potential of solar panels, device breakthroughs that bring the Internet of Things closer to reality, robotics that makes our lives and jobs more efficient, or new strategies to secure our data in cyberspace, these research articles represent critical steps to developing the technologies of tomorrow.

This site is dedicated to providing technical professionals short glimpses into the practical implications of this research and its impact on the future. From each article, link to the full version of the technical content housed in IEEE Xplore, where you can read the first page for free. New content will be added regularly–check back often for the latest articles. You can also request a free trial to IEEE Xplore to get full-text access for your organization.

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