A new collection now available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

IEEE has partnered with Artech House, a leading technical book publisher, to bring a new collection of high-quality eBooks to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Artech House provides today’s professionals, researchers, and students with cutting-edge books authored by the world’s leading authorities. Topics include a wide range of engineering areas including RF/microwave design, communications, radar engineering, electronic defense, GPS/GNSS, photonics, nanotechnology, computer security, blockchain, and much more.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes approximately 700 new, recent, and classic bestselling eBook titles
  • Presents niche quality content, insights, and solutions to the toughest engineering challenges
  • Authors are respected experts whose books embody their dedication to engineering excellence, creative thinking, and practical problem solving
  • Over 85% of Artech House authors have an IEEE affiliation (IEEE Fellows, Volunteers, Members, and Authors)
  • Up to 35 new titles introduced annually
  • Available as an add-on to an existing IEEE Xplore subscription or as a stand-alone subscription.


For more information, visit https://innovate.ieee.org/artech-house-ebooks/.