“Data privacy is not just a compliance requirement; it is a strategic imperative for companies to earn and maintain customer trust in the digital age.” – Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors

Privacy has emerged to be a critical aspect of our increasingly digitized world. Technological innovations are progressively becoming more intrusive into our personal lives, attempting to extract sensitive personal information. This is often detrimental to an individual when any breach or spillage of data leads to a severe impact such as financial loss or identity theft.

Unprecedented growth in the volume of data, the rising concerns of privacy breaches, and new legislation related to data privacy—all contribute to the need for comprehensive enterprise-wide data security and privacy measures.

Data protection authorities around the globe are enforcing regulations that mandate how data can be captured, stored and used. This makes professionals with dual literacy in both privacy and technology essential components to ensure that an organization’s products and operations meet privacy goals and mitigate risks. Is your team positioned to ensure products and operations meet privacy goals and mitigate risks?

Leverage the knowledge gained to apply strategies, policies, processes, and techniques to design and work with systems that enable prudent personal data use — all from a single source — IEEE.

Protecting Privacy in the Digital Age, a course program available in the IEEE eLearning Library, aims to:

  • Provide a better understanding of digital privacy
  • Define how to operationalize privacy in an organizational context
  • Outline how to engineer privacy in various systems
  • Showcase how to make privacy usable for end users
  • Explain how to address the emergent technological challenges to privacy.


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