Discovery & Analytics Solutions

Ideal for corporations, universities, and government agencies

Improve decision making with solutions from IEEE that empower technology professionals to discover and analyze data more effectively. IEEE discovery, analytics & data solutions expose vital information and uncover hidden insights.

Code Ocean

Code Ocean is an easy-to-use web platform in which users can share and run code in the cloud.  Users are able to easily upload their code and associated data to the site, where other users are able to run them and/or modify them.

IEEE DataPort

Research data sharing is critical to scientific innovation and reproducible research. IEEE DataPort is an accessible online platform that enables researchers to easily share, access, and manage datasets in one trusted location. The platform accepts all types of datasets, up to 2TB, and dataset uploads are currently free of charge.

InnovationQ Plus

InnovationQ Plus, powered by IEEE and, is a patent discovery and analytics platform that combines the power of a machine learning-based search engine with a global patent database and critical IEEE content to quickly sift through millions of complex documents to find relevant prior art and uncover powerful insights.


TechRxiv is a free preprint server for unpublished research in electrical engineering, computer science, and related technology. TechRxiv provides researchers across a broad range of fields the opportunity to share early results of their work ahead of formal peer review and publication.  The free, publicly accessible repository aims to increase the accessibility of scientific findings, enhance collaboration among researchers, improve research, and build the future of scholarly communication. Authors can post preprint papers to TechRxiv regardless of where they eventually intend to submit and publish the paper.