The technology landscape is constantly evolving and so are IEEE publications. Each year, IEEE introduces new publications to address growing areas of research that transform our lives. These new publications provide important new opportunities to enable researchers around the world to share their latest research in these fields with the scholarly community and for IEEE Xplore users to learn more about these technologies.

In 2023, IEEE will introduce new publications covering technologies such as Machine Learning, Renewable Energy, Cyber-Physical Systems, NextGen Communications and Networking, Systems Engineering, Localization and Navigation Systems, AgriFood Technology, and more. Coverage of all of these technologies can be found in current and forthcoming publications from IEEE. Listed below are several new titles coming from IEEE in 2023:

Follow the links above for more information on the scope and calls for papers announcements for each title. You can also follow the links on the journal homepage in IEEE Xplore to submit an article, set a journal alert or add to your favorites.