IEEE English for Engineering

Develop English Communication Skills for the Technical Workplace

IEEE English for Technical Professionals is a 14-hour online learning program designed to provide non-native English speakers with a working knowledge of English techniques and vocabulary that are essential for working in today’s technical workplace.

The IEEE English for Technical Professionals online learning program is intended for users who have an Engineering background and some basic knowledge of the English language. The online learning course is ideal for users who:

  • Currently work in technical areas are or will be in the future
  • Would like to augment their technical communication skills
  • Would like to enhance their basic English grammar skills
  • Have an interest in technical subjects and the English language


Topics included in the program are:

  • The Basics
  • Business Documents, Questions, and the Technical Pursuit
  • Engineering Concepts and Complexity
  • The Future Tense for Technical Work
  • White Papers; Modifiers and Qualifiers
  • Making Recommendations: Interpreting Data; Ethical Persuasion for Technical Projects
  • Cause and Effect; Calls for Proposals
  • Technical Complexity in Communication
  • Numbers; Plain English; Jargon; and Technical Terms
  • Active and Passive Structures
  • Organization Needs; Seeing the Big Picture; Negotiating
  • Audience Needs and Assessment; Standards Versus White Papers; Objectivity
  • Communicating within Expected Genres, Identifying Trustworthy Sources of Bias in Technical Work
  • A Review of Major Course Takeaways
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Features and Benefits

  • Access over 14-hours of lessons include techniques for English reading, listening, speaking, and writing
  • Learn through animated scenarios and recurring characters that allow users to follow characters as they journey through a variety of scenarios to explore various English language concepts in a technical work environment
  • Practice using and become more familiar with the specialized language needed for work with a course focus on technical vocabulary and communication techniques
  • Advance through the lessons individually and receive feedback on progress
  • Print individual certificates upon successful completion of each level
  • Strengthen and enhance communication skills for project collaboration and career advancement
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