Artificial Intelligence and other related technologies that generate and use data must be designed and implemented by professionals that understand data protection. This collection of IAPP and IEEE eLearning courses provides critical information around the ethics and standards that govern the use of data in many technical applications.

Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT)
Courses from IAPP

Offering 3 hours of instruction:

  • Module 1: Foundational principles of privacy in technology
  • Module 2: The role of the technology professional in privacy
  • Module 3: Privacy threats and violations
  • Module 4: Technical measures and privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Module 5: Privacy engineering
  • Module 6: Privacy-by-design methodology
  • Module 7: Technology challenges for privacy

Online Courses from IEEE

Offering an additional 15 hours of instruction:

  • Responsible Innovation in the Age of AI
  • The Economic Advantage of Ethical Design for Business
  • Values by Design in the Algorithmic Era
  • The Nature of Nudging
  • Ensuring Data Protection and Data Safety
  • From Growth to Great
  • The Basis for No Bias
  • Transparency and Accountability for Robots and AI Systems
  • Human Emotion in Devices and Technology
  • Legal and Implementation Issues of Enterprise AI
  • AI Standards: Organizational Transparency
  • AI Standards: Best Practices for Ethical Systems
  • AI Standards: A Comprehensive Approach to Digital Ecosystems
  • AI Standards: System Design Considerations for Data Privacy
  • AI Standards: Configuring Systems for Privacy

Program Modules

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