In the April issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about the global chip shortage, engineering the axial-flux motor, the mag amp's forgotten history, and more.

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Andrew Ng Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Ng: In AI, Small Is the New Big

Andrew Ng, AI Minimalist: The Machine-Learning Pioneer Says Small is the New Big
Andrew Ng has serious street cred in artificial intelligence. He pioneered the use of graphics processing units (GPUs) to train deep learning models in the late 2000s with his students at Stanford University…

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The Global Chip Shortage, Explained

Global Chip Shortage
According to Semico Research, the number of chips that include at least some RISC-V technology will grow 73.6% per year to 2027, when there will be 25 billion AI chips produced, accounting for US $291 billion in revenue…

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Engineering the Axial-Flux Motor

Axial Flux
Although the idea of replacing a hunk of iron with a light-weight, easy-to-make, long-lasting PCB was attractive from the outset, it didn't gain widespread adoption…

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The Mag Amp's Forgotten History

Magnetic Amplifiers
During the second world War, the German military developed what were at the time some very sophisticated technologies, including the V-2 rockets it used to rain destruction on London…

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