In the April issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about how DNA and AI facial reconstruction cracked a cold case, surprisingly green semiconductors, what it will take to electrify road transport, and more.

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Finding Somerton Man: How DNA and AI Facial Reconstruction Cracked a Cold Case

Finding Somerton Man: How DNA and AI Facial Reconstruction Cracked a Cold Case
“The DNA analysis that police use for standard crime-solving relies on only 20 to 25 short tandem repeats of DNA. That's fine for police, who mostly do one-to-one matches to determine whether the DNA recovered at a crime scene matches a suspect's DNA…”

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Is Hydrogen the Next Jet Fuel?

Skies Begin to Clear for Hydrogen-Powered Flight
The aviation industry, responsible for some 2.5 percent of global carbon emissions, has committed to net-zero emissions by 2050. Getting there will require several routes, including sustainable fuels, hybrid-electric engines, and battery-electric aircraft…

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These Semiconductors Are Surprisingly Green

This Semiconductor Is Surprisingly Green
Can advanced semiconductors cut emissions of greenhouse gases enough to make a difference in the struggle to halt climate change? The answer is a resounding yes. Such a change is actually well underway…

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Straight Talk on the EV Transition

The EV Transition is Harder Than Anyone Thinks: Clueless Policymakers, Skeptical Consumers, Greedy Automakers—and the Tech isn't Ready Either
The EV transition is harder than anyone thinks. Clueless policymakers, skeptical consumers, greedy sutomakers—and the tech isn't ready either…

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