In the newest issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, learn about Top Tech Cars of 2019, universal electrification in India, 3D printing, IBM Watson, and more!

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India races toward universal electrification

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is crisscrossing his country, declaring that his government has eliminated the nation's persistent electrification gap. Modi hopes this potent political message will help propel his party to another victory in India's April and May national elections…”

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New metals shine in 3D printers

It's been five or so years since 3D printing was at peak hype. Since then, the technology has edged its way into a new class of materials and started to break into more applications. Today, 3D printers are being seriously considered as a means to produce stainless steel…”

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IBM Watson, heal thyself

In 2014, IBM opened swanky new headquarters for its artificial intelligence division, known as IBM Watson. Inside the glassy tower in lower Manhattan, IBMers can bring prospective clients and visiting journalists into the “immersion room,” which resembles a miniature planetarium…

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Your Biochip Doppelgänger

You've fallen ill, but neither you nor your doctor know which treatment will work. Which would you rather do-try five different drugs, one at a time, until you find one that treats your illness without serious side effects, or take one drug that's guaranteed to work?…

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Top ten tech cars 2019

Like a bored child on a long car trip, an advanced-vehicle enthusiast can be forgiven for asking, “Are we there yet?” The rollout and adoption of cars that use alternative energy or that drive themselves has been maddeningly slow…

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