In the December issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read about the new arms race hypersonics, the circuit board is you, General Motors' great gambit, the 21st century grid, the human body as a data network, and more.

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The New Arms Race Hypersonics

It's obvious why the militaries of the world want missiles that can follow erratic paths at low altitude while flying at five times the speed of sound, eluding any chance at detection or interception…

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The Circuit Board is You

Scientists wanted a way to sinter-that is, use heat to fuse-metal nanoparticles to fabricate circuits directly on skin, fabric, or paper. However, sintering usually requires heat levels far too high…

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General Motors' Great Gambit

In April of 1966, a shiny white Chevrolet Impala became the first car off the assembly line of a new General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio. It was the glorious start of what became a checkered history

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Is this the 21st Century Grid?

It's great to have neighbors you can depend on, whether you're borrowing a cup of sugar or you need someone to walk your dog while you're out of town. In the western Colorado neighborhood of Basalt Vista

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The Human Body as a Data Network

In 2007, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney ordered his doctors to disable all wireless signals to and from his Internet-connected pacemaker. Cheney later said that the decision was motivated by his desire to

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