In the February issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about how AI and neural implants are delivering an artificial nervous system, going from go to protein folding, air safety and GPS jamming, the cosmos, why AI might be biased, and more.

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IEEE Spectrum - February 2022

Electric Journey to a Metal World

Electric Journey
When our solar system was very young, there were no planets—only a diffuse disk of gas and dust circled the sun. But within a few million years, that churning cloud of primordial material…

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Neurostimulation for Long COVID

Neurostimulation Long Covid
New Year's Day marked a dispiriting milestone for one New Jersey woman: 20 months of symptoms of COVID-19. The woman, who asked for anonymity to protect her medical privacy, suffers…

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Claude Shannon, Father of Machine Learning

Claude Shannon, Father of Machine Learning
Consumer technology is often a story of revolutionary leaps followed by a descent into familiarity. The first computers advanced so quickly that new models went obsolete while they were still…

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Finally, Full Color Comes to E-paper Displays

ePaper Displays
It was the end of 2008, October, right before the holiday shopping season. Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey released her highly anticipated Favorite Things list, with the…

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