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Hearing Is Believing

Put on your virtual-reality headset and be transported to a distant planet, ducking the crossfire in a battle between alien species. Laser rifle shots whiz by your head; military shuttles hover before you…”

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The Healing Fields

Electricity helps the heart beat, the muscles twitch, and the body communicate with the brain. Now scientists are increasingly using electricity to promote healing…”

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White-Hat Bots to the Rescue

Back in 2011, when the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said that “software is eating the world,” it was still a fresh idea. Now it's obvious that software permeates our lives…

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The Smart Stethoscope

You wake up one morning to discover that your child is ill: His forehead feels hot to the touch, and his rapid breathing has a wheezing sound…

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India's Massive IoT Experiment

The 20 million residents of mumbai slog through monstrous traffic jams during monsoon season. The heavy rains that last from June until August frequently choke off the flow of traffic through India's most populous city, leaving…

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