In the latest issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read all about top trends in technology for 2020. Top trends to look for in the coming year are machine-learning on the edge, autonomous fighter jets, delivery drones, exoskeletons that obey your brain, and more.

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Machine Learning on the Edge – [Internet of Everything]

In February, a group of researchers from Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, and half a dozen universities will gather in San Jose, Calif., to discuss the challenge of bringing machine learning to the farthest edge of the network, specifically microprocessors running on sensors or other battery-powered devices…

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A Robot is my Wingman

If you drive along the main northern road through South Australia with a good set of binoculars, you may soon be able to catch a glimpse of a strange windowless jet, one that is about to embark on its maiden flight…

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This Exoskeleton will Obey Your Brain

Bipedal robots have long struggled to walk as humans do-balancing on two legs and moving with that almost-but-not-quite falling forward motion that most of us have mastered by the time we're a year or two old…

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The Delivery Drones are Coming

When Amazon made public its plans to deliver packages by drone six years ago, many skeptics scoffed-including some at this magazine. It just didn't seem safe or practical to have tiny buzzing robotic aircraft crisscrossing the sky with Amazon orders…

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