In the January issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about the top tech of 2023, personal air vehicles around the corner, zapping arthritis with electricity, and more.

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Top Tech 2023: IEEE Spectrum Special Report

Top Tech 2023: IEEE Special Report

Top Tech 2023
Each January, the editors of IEEE Spectrum offer up some predictions about technical developments they expect to be in the news over the coming year. This year's report includes hydrogen-based green energy, bioelectric medicine, satellite-cellular connectivity, and more…

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An Accordion Made From Commodore 64s

The Commodordion > Two C64s Plus Some Floppy Disks Equals One Instrument
A delightful musical hack: An accordion made from Commodore 64s and floppy disks…

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Here Comes the Personal Air Vehicle

BlackFly Personal Vehicle
2023 looks to be a pivotal year for eVTOLs. Several well-funded startups are expected to reach important early milestones in the process. And the company Opener, could beat all of them by making its first deliveries-which would also be the first for any eVTOL…

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Zapping Arthritis With Electricity

Zapping Arthritis With Electricity
Arthritis Gets a Jolt: 2023 will see the results of nerve stimulation for autoimmune disorders…

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