In the July issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about going vertical, learning to code with a copilot, a particle accelerator for chipmaking, a clean, green way to recycle solar panels, and more!

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IEEE Spectrum: July Issue

How We’ll Reach a 1 Trillion Transistor GPU

How We’ll Reach a 1 Trillion Transistor GPU
“Advances in semiconductors are feeding the AI boom! Over the last three decades, major milestones in AI were all enabled by the leading-edge semiconductor technology of the time and would have been impossible without it. How will we reach a one trillion transistor GPU?…”

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Learning to Code With a Copilot

Professors Rethink How They Teach Coding
Generative AI is transforming the software development industry. AI-powered coding tools are assisting programmers in their workflows, while jobs in AI continue to increase. But the shift is also evident in academia—one of the major avenues through which the next generation of software engineers learn how to code

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A Particle Accelerator for Chipmaking

Is the Future of Moore's Law in a Particle Accelerator?: Wiggling Electrons Could Turbocharge EUV Lithography
Is the future of Moore's Law in a particle accelerator? A group of researchers at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, known as KEK, in Tsukuba, Japan, is betting EUV lithography might be cheaper, quicker, and more efficient if it harnesses the power of a particle accelerator…

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What to Do With Spent Solar Panels

Spent Solar Panels
“In an attempt to stop a mountain of photovoltaic garbage from accumulating, researchers are pursuing better recycling methods. An Italian startup recovers valuable materials from spent solar panels without toxic chemicals…”

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