In the June issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read about how long-range cargo drones could upend the air-freight industry, nuclear power's last U.S. stand, control theory vs. COVID-19, getting the slick out, the robot that charmed Japan, and more.

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Rising to the Challenge

Ground crews remove cargo from the MD-11 and get the many packages into delivery trucks and small planes as quickly as possible before the start of the morning rush of cargo from Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers scrambling to deliver Christmas gifts…

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Nuclear Power's Last U.S. Stand?

There are 53 nuclear reactors currently under construction around the world. Only two are in the United States, once the world's leader in nuclear energy development. And those two reactors represent expansions of a preexisting two-reactor facility, Plant Vogtle in…

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Control Theory vs. COVID-19

Around the globe, epidemiologists, statisticians, biologists, and health officials are grappling with these questions. Though engineering perspectives are uncommon in epidemiological modeling, we believe that in this case public officials could greatly benefit from one…

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Getting the Slick Out

The seas had turned rough as a sudden squall whipped up the winds enough to howl through the rigging. And with those winds came a powerful smell of oil. Soon I could see the characteristic rainbow sheen from my position on the rail of this fishing trawler…

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The Robot that Charmed Japan

Rossum's Universal Robots-or R.U.R., as it had become known- had premiered two years earlier in Prague and had already become a worldwide sensation. The play, written by Karel Ğapek, describes the creation of enslaved synthetic humans, or robots-a term…

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