In the June issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read how Inovio's Kate Broderick is helping to reinvent the vaccine, foiling counterfeiters with nanotech, Kenya's low-key farming boom, and more.

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How Inovio's Kate Broderick Is Helping to Reinvent the Vaccine

It took a global pandemic to accomplish one of the most significant advances in the history of vaccinology: widespread, commercial deployment of vaccines derived from nucleic acids. As of this writing

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Foiling Counterfeiters With Nanotech

What's the largest criminal enterprise in the world? Narcotics? Gambling? Human trafficking? Nope. The biggest racket is the production and trade of counterfeit goods, which is expected to exceed US $1 trillion...

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Soon, Your Body Can Be A Display

An elderly woman, living alone in a small mountain village, relaxes in the afternoon after finishing lunch. A square sheet of thin rubber clings to the back of her hand. Like a poultice, it stretches and then wrinkles

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Kenya's Low-Key Farming Boom

It's a baking-hot February day in Matanya, a village that straddles the equator, a few hours' drive north of Nairobi. Smiling broadly, Patrick Gicheru is sowing carrots in layers of soil and compost at his 0.8-hectare

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