In the June issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about how quantum sensors are revolutionizing brain scans, the road to electrification, where 3D printing meets late 1920s mechanical TVs, practical power beaming, and more.

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Quantum Sensors are Revolutionizing Brain Scans

Quantum Sensors Revolutionize Brain Scans
As quantum computers can theoretically find the answers to problems no classical computer could ever solve, they can also lead to new levels of sensitivity, new kinds of applications, and new opportunities to advance a range of fields, technologies, and scientific pursuits…

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3D Print a Mechanical TV

 3D Print a Mechanical TV
Before flat screens, people watched television programs at home thanks to the Nipkow disk, which used these disks to produce moving images. This early programming established many of the formats we take for granted today…

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The Road to Electrification

Road to Electrification
One hundred forty years ago, Thomas Edison began generating electricity at two small coal-fired stations. Yet although electricity was clearly the next big thing, it took more than a lifetime to reach most people…

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Power Beaming Gets Practical

Power Beaming
Wires have a lot going for them when it comes to moving electric power around, but they have their drawbacks too. Who, after all, hasn't tired of having to plug in and unplug their phone and other rechargeable gizmos?…

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