In the June issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read the truth about space-based solar power, the forgotten history of Chinese keyboards, how to shrink the data center, better mental health through AI, and more!

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IEEE Spectrum: June Issue

The Truth About Space-Based Solar Power

Space-Based Solar Power
“Energy experts have been warning that electricity is likely to get more expensive and less reliable unless renewable power that waxes and wanes under inconstant sunlight and wind is backed up by generators that can run whenever needed. To space enthusiasts, that raises an obvious question: Why not stick solar power plants where the sun always shines?…”

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The Forgotten History of Chinese Keyboards

Forgotten History of Chinese Keyboards
Today, typing in Chinese works by converting QWERTY keystrokes into Chinese characters via a software interface. But this was not always the case. Thomas S. Mullaney’s new book, The Chinese Computer: A Global History of the Information Age, published by the MIT Press, unearths the forgotten history of Chinese input in the 20th century…

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How to Shrink the Data Centers

How to Shrink Data Centers
Scientists have predicted that by 2040, almost 50 percent of the world’s electric power will be used in computing. What’s more, this projection was made before the sudden explosion of generative AI. Simply put, computing will require colossal amounts of power, soon exceeding what our planet can provide…

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Better Mental Health Through AI?

Mental Health AI
“Do we dare use generative AI for mental health? Woebot, a mental-health chatbot, is testing it out. The Woebot app is intended to be an adjunct to human support, not a replacement for it…”

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