In the March issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about what is fueling the air-taxi craze, NASA's fusion power shortcut, why robots should play foosball, and more.

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Bionic Eyes

How People With Bionic Eyes Were Left in the Dark

Bionic Eyes
Barbara Campbell was walking through a New York City subway station during rush hour when her world abruptly went dark…

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What's Fueling the Air-Taxi Craze

Air-Taxi Craze
When entrepreneur JoeBen Bevirt launched Joby Aviation 12 years ago, it was just one of a slew of offbeat tech projects at his Sproutwerx ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains, in California…

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NASA's Fusion Power Shortcut

Fusion Power
Physicists first suspected more than a century ago that the fusing of hydrogen into helium powers the sun…

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Why Robots Should Play Foosball

Foosball Robot
For the past 25 years or so, those of us who seek to mimic the brain's workings in silicon have held an annual workshop in the mountain town of Telluride, Colorado…

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