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Under African Skies: The Blood Is Here

Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills, and our car seems to go over every one of them as we drive from the small town of Muhanga to the even smaller town of Kinazi. The 50-kilometer I trip into western Rwanda will take us well over an hour…”

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Journey to the Center of the Solar System

Of all extraterrestrial bodies, the sun has the largest influence on us: It controls the radiation doses that astronauts experience and also affects the electronics in the myriad satellites on which we increasingly rely. Solar storms can even disrupt electric power grids, as famously happened in 1989…”

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Here Come the Hearables

The eyes, it’s been said, are windows to the soul. I’d argue that the real portals are the ears.¶ Consider that, at this very moment, a cacophony of biological conversations is blasting through dime-size patches of skin just inside and outside the openings to your ear canals…

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The Marvelous Mr. Mems

It was 1975, and Kurt Petersen was a smart young researcher, fresh out of the Ph.D. program in electrical engineering at MIT and working in the optics group at IBM’s Almaden, Calif., research center. And he was bored…

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