In the May issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about DARPA's Subterranean Challenge, Asad Madni's life-saving sensors, advanced X-ray technology, the electrified Land Rover, and more.

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Underground DARPA SubT Challenge

Underground with DARPA's SubT Challenge

Underground DARPA SubT Challenge
Deep below the Louisville Kentucky Zoo lies a network of enormous caverns carved out of limestone. And during one week in September 2021, they were full of the most sophisticated robots in the world…

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Asad Madni's Sensors Saved Lives

Asad Madni
In 1992, Asad M. Madni sat at the helm of BEI Sensors and Controls, overseeing a product line that included a variety of sensing and inertial-navigation devices…

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The Big Reveal

X-ray laminography
When baking a cake, it's hard to know when the inside is in the state you want it to be. The same is true for microelectronic chips: How can engineers confirm that what's inside has met the intent of the designers?…

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Land Rover, Electrified

Land Rover Electrified
From the outside this Land Rover Defender looks like any other-example of the postwar British classic that conquered the African outback-and the automotive world's heart…

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