In the November issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read about the incredible bendable smartphone, gallium nitride getting ready for 6G, vacuum tubes of the cold war, greenhouse-gas sensing satellites, how low latency can go, and more.

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The Incredible Bendable Smartphone

Motorola demonstrated the very first handheld mobile phone almost a half century ago. It was the size of a brick and weighed half as much. That prototype spawned the first commercial mobile phone…

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Gallium Nitride Gets Ready for 6G

With 5G just rolling out and destined to take years to mature, it might seem odd to worry about 6G. But some engineers say that this is the perfect time to worry about it. One group, based at the University of

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Vacuum Tubes of the Cold War

In an age propped up by quintillions of solid-state devices, should you even care about vacuum tubes? You definitely should! For richness, drama, and sheer brilliance, few technological timelines can match

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Greenhouse-Gas Sensing Satellites

Something new happened in space in January 2019. For the first time, a previously unknown leak of natural gas was spotted from orbit by a microsatellite, and then, because of that detection, plugged

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How Low Can Latency Go?

For communications networks, bandwidth has long been king. With every generation of fiber optic, cellular, or Wi-Fi technology has come a jump in throughput that has enriched our online lives. Twenty years

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