In the September issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read about the last rotor machine, powering the EV revolution, deep learning spotting art fakes, Russia's army of robotic harvesters, and more.

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The Last Rotor Machine

Growing up in New York City, I always wanted to be a spy. But when I graduated from college in January 1968, the Cold War and Vietnam War were raging, and spying seemed like a risky career choice

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Who's Powering the EV Revolution?

In July, U.S. president Joe Biden issued Executive Order 14036, which among other things urged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to address “unfair anticompetitive restrictions on third-party repair or self-repair...

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Deep Learning Spots Art Fakes

The sound must have been deafening-all those champagne corks popping at Christie's, the British auction house, on 15 November 2017. A portrait of Jesus, known as Salvator Mundi (Latin for “savior of the world”)

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Russia's Army of Robotic Harvesters

The field of automated precision agriculture is based on one concept-autonomous driving technologies that guide vehicles through GPS navigation. Fifteen years ago, when high-accuracy GPS became available

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