More Author Options, New Innovations and Content Partnerships Help Fuel Growth

In May 2000, the IEEE Xplore Digital Library was officially launched and would go on to become one of the leading resources of scientific and technical information in the world – with over 1.5 billion total document downloads and views in that time.

As we celebrate the milestone of eclipsing 5 million total documents hosted on IEEE Xplore, we take a moment to thank our authors, members, volunteers and subscribers for making this moment possible and reflect on how IEEE Xplore has evolved to support the needs of users all over the world. We also recognize how the database has grown over time:

However, the content growth only tells part of the story as to why more authors, researchers, and users rely on IEEE Xplore more than ever before:

  • The technology landscape is constantly evolving and so are IEEE publications. The 5 million users of IEEE Xplore continue to depend on IEEE to keep up to date with coverage of the latest technical developments that shape the world in topics such as AI, IoT, 5G, autonomous vehicles, big data, renewable energy, and more.
  • IEEE continues to provide more options to support the needs of all authors — those who publish in traditional subscription journals or those who prefer to publish in open access journals. IEEE is now launching a number of new gold fully open access journals spanning a wide range of technologies.
  • IEEE has also developed publisher partnerships to enable users to find other relevant high-quality content within IEEE Xplore to help fulfill their needs – now offering nearly half a million documents from other leading publishers.
  • Since its inception, IEEE Xplore has introduced a continuous ongoing cycle of enhancements to make the research process easier and faster such as author profile pages to track the evolution of an author’s work, the IEEE Xplore API platform, mobile optimized web pages, the MyXplore mobile app, new reproducible research tools, and many more features coming soon.

IEEE continues to provide the information and tools that authors and researchers need to shape the future. We hope you will continue the journey with IEEE as we work toward the next 5 million!

For further information on IEEE Xplore and its wide range of online subscriptions and options for authors, visit the IEEE Digital Subscriptions webpage at or the IEEE Open Access site at