Discover how your company can improve its return on investment through smarter research.

IEEE surveyed more than 1,000 technology professionals across a wide range of industries to determine whether access to IEEE Xplore can drive innovation and efficiency in the workplace.

When evaluating the ROI of a resource, there are three things that play an important role: Time, Cost, and Trust.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library
Time plays a major role in overall productivity.
The faster you can complete your research, development, testing, and evaluation—and get your products to market—the higher your ROI will be. 75% of researchers surveyed found a research article in less than 30 minutes using IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

The cost associated with time spent on researching is often underestimated in early project planning.
Less time spent spinning your wheels during the research phase means a better ROI. When IEEE Xplore reduces the time you spend researching, your business saves money. In the survey, participants identified that they spent about half the time they would have spent normally researching the open internet by using the IEEE Xplore Digital Library – that is approximately 3 hours of time savings which equals a significant cost savings.
Technical content found on the open Internet is often not trustworthy.
Using the IEEE Xplore Digital Library ensures that you and your colleagues have access to the most trusted technical research. 74% of the surveyed participants say that it’s the up-to-date information found in IEEE Xplore that provides an advantage in their research efforts.

Now, more than ever, it is vital for organizations to prove the value of their investments. The IEEE Xplore Digital Library offers the most highly-cited technical content in one, easy to navigate place.

For the full report, download “Improve ROI Through Smarter Research” (PDF, 357 KB)