Discover how your company can improve its return on investment through smarter research.

IEEE surveyed more than 750 technology professionals across a wide range of industries to determine whether access to IEEE Xplore can drive innovation and efficiency in the workplace.

Engineers of today deal with three key challenges that can directly impact business performance. When these challenges are addressed by investing in better research tools, organizations can achieve higher ROI.

Challenge 1: Keeping up with a rapidly growing amount of industry knowledge
Technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and it can be difficult for engineers to stay current on the latest industry developments. Access to an extensive collection of published research via IEEE Xplore ensures they are continuously expanding their technology knowledge.

74% of engineers and researchers said IEEE Xplore keeps them up to date.

Challenge 2: Staying productive under more demanding conditions
Engineers feel the pressure as market conditions grow more and more competitive. However, when they can quickly access the research they need, projects move faster and products get to market sooner. When less time is spent on the research process, engineers can devote more time to other areas of the engineering life cycle, such as ideation and implementation.

Two-thirds of survey respondents said IEEE Xplore greatly reduces their research time, with many indicating that it decreases their project time by half.

Challenge 3: Fostering innovation for new discovery
As more new products enter the marketplace, it can be difficult for engineers to find inspiration for game-changing innovation. Tapping into trusted, peer-reviewed research from IEEE publications can foster the out-of-the-box thinking engineers need to develop the products of tomorrow.

60% of executives and managers say IEEE Xplore encourages innovative thinking.

Now, more than ever, it is vital for organizations to prove the value of their investments. Discover how the benefits of a tool like the IEEE Xplore digital library can make a major difference in the bottom lines of research-driven companies.

For the full report, download “The Key to Faster, Lower Cost, and More Efficient Research” (PDF, 2 MB)