IEEE DiscoveryPoint

IEEE has recently launched a new all-in-one information platform built for practicing corporate engineers in communications called IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications. The platform enables users to find reliable, industry-specific solutions to support every stage of product design and development.

Practicing engineers face complex projects that require fast problem-solving to meet market demands and the information needed is typically scattered across various sources, and finding relevant and trustworthy results is often frustrating and time-consuming.

IEEE DiscoveryPoint was created to be the one platform for time-strapped engineers in communications to easily find reliable product design and development solutions, and ultimately, improve their workflow. The platform was created for engineers in industry and focuses on providing practical data for real-world projects.

Using this new platform, telecom engineers can avoid time wasted searching multiple databases and find all the information they need — cutting-edge research, industry standards, white papers, vendor solutions, parts and components, and more — all in a single platform. With a single query they can find answers to technical questions by referencing relevant content from multiple high-quality sources, including full-text IEEE publications. IEEE DiscoveryPoint returns only the most applicable information to user search queries and then organizes the results in resource-specific channels, making it easier to browse different content types cohesively. It can also help accelerate project workflow with timesaving tools such as custom dashboards, alerts, saved searches, bookmarks, and collaboration tools to work through projects in less time and avoid duplicative queries.

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