ISACA Cybersecurity Nexus Training Platform and Packages

Get access to the most critical training courses and instructional hands-on labs in an on-demand, self-paced sandboxed environment. These courses safely replicate the real cyber-threatened world practitioners work in every day. You can choose from seven packages that support specific learning objectives.

Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Training Packages

Gain an introductory understanding of penetration testing and ethical hacking. Work with real systems in real environments and leverage real vulnerability analysis and exploitation tools in a live environment. Upon completion, you will gain an understanding of the overall concepts guiding penetration testing from a practical, hands-on vantage point.

Includes 7 lessons, 8 instructional labs and 2 challenges that cover:

  • Ethical hacking overview
  • Methodology overview
  • Essential hacking tools
  • Key Linux commands


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits: Up to 20

Build introductory skills and learn how to interpret and use packets in daily work, leverage Linux commands to understand their systems and networks, and secure networks they build and maintain.

Includes 21 lessons and 34 labs covering:

  • Network Application and Configuration
  • Linux Application and Configuration
  • Packet Analysis


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits: Up to 68

Gain an understanding of forensic documentation and data recovery methods, work with forensic restoration and case management tools in order to simulate a real-world forensic intake scenario. Understand the importance of due process and the criticality of maintaining the integrity of fragile data in the field of digital forensics.

Includes 17 lessons and 25 labs covering:

  • Kali Forensics Environment
  • PostgreSQL Configuration
  • Foreman Configuration
  • Final Foreman Setup
  • Kali Forensics Introduction
  • Forensics Lab Setup
  • Network Forensics
  • Wireshark and Steganography Essentials
  • Windows Registry
  • Remote Forensics
  • Digital Forensics
  • File Hashing
  • Forensics 1: Imaging
  • Forensics 2: File Recovery
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Passive Computer Forensics
  • Forensic Data Recovery and Analysis


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits: 50

Acquire an integral understanding of new and thriving technologies including Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and prevalent attacks.

Includes 12 lessons and 16 labs covering:

  • Crypto Functions
  • Crypto Block Creation
  • Crypto Block Calculations
  • P2P Network Setup
  • Hyperledger Fabric Setup
  • Creating a Transaction
  • Crypto Mining Simulation
  • Hyperledger Challenge
  • Spectre Mitigation
  • Meltdown Mitigation
  • IoT Device Indicators
  • Home Automation Device Patterns
  • Identifying Cryptojacking Processes
  • Securing IoT Devices via Firewall


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits: 32

Build an understanding of Linux operating systems, commands, and capabilities while working with real Linux systems in real environments. Leverage commands, applications, and toolsets to complete tasks in a cybersecurity environment. Upon completion, you will be able to proactively leverage Linux to navigate, connect, and enhance business systems and networks– valuable traits in the cybersecurity field.

Includes 9 lessons and 20 labs covering:

  • Shell and Navigation
  • Files and Standard Input/output
  • CLI Tricks 
  • Service and Users
  • Package Management, Archives, and Compiling 
  • DoS
  • Scanning Ports and Utilizing SSH
  • Windows and Linux File Permissions (Can remove Windows portion of lab)
  • Windows and Linux OS Firewall (Can remove Windows portion of lab)
  • Network Scanning 
  • Data Integrity 
  • Restoring Data with Secure Copy
  • Threat Detection
  • Asset, Change, and Patch Management (Audit)
  • Cybersecurity Threat and Vulnerability Management (Audit)
  • Packet Construction and Kernel Hardening 
  • Linux Baseline with Lynis 
  • Script Construction and Execution 
  • Implementing Database Management 
  • Generating and Analyzing Logs


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits: 40

Acquire extensive knowledge of web application protection with this pathway that includes the OWASP Top 10 course as well as diverse labs outlining the importance of securing web apps. Gain an understanding of how each of these vulnerabilities puts organizations at risk to be able to mitigate risk before—and minimize impact if—a threat event takes place. Practice in an immersive live network environment to understand the intricacies of each real vulnerability and learn other various web applications.

Includes 18 lessons and 21 labs covering:

  • Browser Attacks 
  • Testing web applications 
  • SQL Injection
  • Data Leakage 
  • Session Hijacking
  • DDoS Detection
  • Chrome Extension Testing 
  • Harvesting DNS and Focusing Web Searches
  • Investigating HTTP Request Methods


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credis: 42

The CSX-P Certification Prep Course is an intensive training course focused on more complex technical cybersecurity skills and scenarios, and recommended for staff who have intermediate or higher technical skills. This course also serves as the next step in the CSX learning path after successful completion of the Technical Foundations Course Bundle. This course will help build technical skills critical to performing successfully in key cybersecurity positions ̶ and to prepare for the CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSX-P) certification exam. The CSX-P remains the first and only comprehensive performance certification testing one’s ability to perform globally validated cybersecurity skills. ​


  • CSX-P Prep Course (24 labs)
  • CSX-P Exam
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