IEEE Xplore

The latest publications and platform enhancements added to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

New Subscription Titles for 2021*

  • IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (T-AI)
  • IEEE BITS the Information Theory Magazine (M-BITS)

Subscription Titles Coming in 2022*

  • IEEE Journal on Flexible Electronics
  • IEEE Transactions on Signal and Power Integrity

*Listing current as of  09/2021 and is subject to change

New Features Added to IEEE Xplore

  • Remote Access Options: Stay connected to IEEE Xplore when working remotely
    • IEEE remote access solutions now include support for Google Scholar CASA and a new streamlined experience for remote access via an IEEE Xplore Personal Account.
    • Visit for more information.
  • Follow the work of your favorite authors with Author Alerts
    • Users can follow up to 15 authors and be notified when new content published by those authors is added to IEEE Xplore.
  • Discover Trending Content
    • Users can discover new and trending content easier by browsing the top search terms, matching documents, and popular content features linked from the home page. Now, sort search results by “most popular”, as well, to see what documents are accessed most frequently.
  • Enhanced Search History
    • In addition to expanding the number of searches in the search history from 50 to 100, other functionality has been streamlined, such as easy export and print options.
  • My Favorite Journals
    • This new module on the IEEE Xplore homepage provides direct links to bookmarked journal and magazine homepages, and the latest issues.
  • My Research Projects
    • Save key documents with the relaunch of My Research Projects, now with enhanced features. Users can create up to 15 projects to save as many as 1000 documents per project. Users must sign in with their free IEEE personal account to access this feature.
  • Corporate Institutional Dashboards (Beta)
    • Enables authenticated institutional subscribers to see more insights into the most popular articles and technologies viewed by their colleagues, as well as top authors and recently published research from their organization. This will be offered only to select customers who meet eligibility criteria.
  • Enhanced Media Capability Pilot
  • MyXplore App Enhancements
    • Integration with IEEE Xplore institutional authentication for direct access to subscribed content.


Features Coming Soon to IEEE Xplore

  • Institutional Profiles (Beta) will provide a disambiguated view of all content published by an institution’s authors in IEEE Xplore.
  • Image Search feature will allow users to run searches to find images and figures within documents.
  • Save key documents with the relaunch of MyProjects with enhanced features.
  • Further MyXplore App Enhancements