Advanced Technology Courses from IEEE

The IEEE eLearning Library offers advanced technology content only IEEE Xplore can provide. The best educational courses are selected from IEEE conferences and workshops around the world, and delivers them in engaging, instructional, and interactive online courses.  The convenient online learning system delivers hundreds of course hours in core and emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Edge Computing, Smart Grid, Blockchain, and more.

IEEE Introduction to Edge Computing

Driven by a need to overcome cloud overhead in latency and bandwidth and a demand for more local processing, edge computing is poised to enable billions of new IoT end-points and real-time local artificial intelligence/machine learning…”

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Over the 3 courses, this course program will help learners make sense of this technology, and begin to discover applications that make sense for the industry. Upon successful completion of the course program…”

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