Have you read the latest issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal? The papers cover essential topics in digital video and streaming, such as new compression standards and other important advances in encoding. This special online-only issue is available exclusively in the SMPTE Digital Library and is just one of the many benefits of subscribing to SMPTE content via IEEE Xplore.

Featured Papers:

  • MPEG-5 Part 1: Essential Video Coding
  • Speed-Distortion Optimization: Tradeoffs in Open-Source HEVC Encoding
  • Forward-Looking Content-Aware Encoding for Next-Generation UHD, HDR, WCG, and HFR
  • Creating Bandwidth-Efficient Workflows With JPEG XS and SMPTE ST 2110
  • UHD-2/8K 120-Hz Realtime Video Codec

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