Webinar Title: The Future of Smart Grid Technology: Leveraging Big Data to Realize the Future Grid
Date: Tuesday, 4 November 2014
Time: 11:00 AM EDT, 8:00 AM PT, 15:00 UTC/GMT

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Topic Titles:

  • Micro-Grids – Test Beds of Future Grid Technologies
  • Augmented Reality and Advanced Mobile Technologies: Making the Worker as Smart as the Grid

Topic Abstracts:

Micro-Grids – Test Beds of Future Grid Technologies

In recent years, the micro-grid concept has emerged. Many micro-grid projects are implemented and tested combining different technologies from several domains (Power and Energy, Computing /IT, Telecommunications) seeking to improve Power and Energy systems. The combination of these domains represents a technical challenge to fit all of these layers together. Ideally, all of these layers have to be coordinated through standards to allow interoperability and interchangeability of equipment and data. Starting with existing technologies from advanced systems (synchrophasors, advanced sensors, advanced protection, state estimators), micro grid projects integrate local and central intelligence through the latest IT and telecommunications developments and try to benefit from end users installations. All of this needs to be done without compromising the reliability and quality delivered to an increasingly demanding customer. This webcast will discuss how a new generation of engineers will be required that can incorporate the skills from all of these domains in order to realize the promise of a future integrated and intelligent grid.

Keynote Speaker: Georges Simard Senior Member of IEEE President of S.I.M.AR.D. SG, a power engineering consulting company based in Québec, Canada Has worked in distribution network development for more than 30 years for Hydro-Québec Editor in Chief of the IEEE Power & Energy Society “GridVision 2050” long term vision document. 

Augmented Reality and Advanced Mobile Technologies: Making the Worker as Smart as the Grid

Whether you call it Smart Grid, Future Grid, Integrated Grid, or something else, the ability to obtain data about the grid and the assets that make up the grid continues to evolve. How to take the data, turn it into information, and use the information to make better decisions is evolving right along with it. Part of this evolution is getting data into the hands of the crews in the field. Information used to be in the form of books and maps and manuals. The assumption was that the information was static or static enough that the changes being made were minor enough to not matter to the field crews. With the evolving grid, this is not even close. This webcast will explore the use of an up and coming technology, augmented reality, to obtain and communicate data and information to and from the field worker. Leveraging the revolution in wearable computers, augmented reality will play a critical role in delivering data and meta data in near real time. The technology will improve the efficiency and safety of the field crews. The utility industry has the ability to drive the development of this technology by careful investment into programs to identify and require key capabilities, device interoperability, and standards.

Keynote Speaker: John J. Simmins, Ph.D. Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Program Power Delivery and Utilization Sector