Recommend an IEEE subscription to your Manager

You already know the importance of having access to IEEE Xplore for your work—let us help you prove the value to your management team.

The IEEE Xplore digital library is your gateway to trusted research—journals, conferences, standards, ebooks, and educational courses—with more than 6 million articles to help you fuel imagination, build from previous research, and inspire new ideas.

Your manager needs more information before deciding to invest in an IEEE Xplore subscription. Here are the top 3 reasons why our subscribers rely on IEEE Xplore:

  1. Increases Productivity
  2. Encourages Innovative Thinking
  3. Saves Time and Money

Below you will find the tools you need to support the investment in an IEEE Xplore subscription. If you would like to speak with an IEEE content specialist about these options, please contact us or contact your Account Manager.

Email Template

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Not sure how to begin the conversation with your manager? Use this email template as a guide to get you started or use it as-is to encourage your management team to consider a subscription to IEEE Xplore.

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Drive ROI with IEEE Xplore

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Discover how IEEE Xplore can help improve your company’s ROI through smarter research. Click below to view each value story.

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› eBook: The Key to Faster, Lower Cost, and More Efficient Research

IEEE Xplore for Corporations

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Learn more about our subscription options and how your company can benefit from access to the IEEE Xplore digital library.

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Top Patenting Organizations Rely on IEEE Research

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Today’s corporations continue to deliver new patented technologies at an ever-increasing pace, and IEEE is by far the most-cited publisher in new patents, according to recent studies by 1790 Analytics LLC.

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