Today’s corporations continue to deliver new patented technologies at an ever-increasing pace, and IEEE is by far the most-cited publisher in new patents, according to recent studies by 1790 Analytics LLC.

IEEE leads patent citations

The 2017 report by 1790 Analytics LLC examined patents filed with the U.S. Patent Office between 1997–2016 by the year’s 40 top-patenting organizations. The report revealed that IEEE journals and conference proceedings received over 430,000 (compared with 410,000+ last year) patent citations—more than three times the number of citations of any other publisher.

Top 20 Publishers Referenced Most Frequently by Top 40 Patenting Organizations

Source: 1790 Analytics LLC, Copyright 2017.

2017 citation study highlights

The current 1790 Analytics LLC study shows that:

  • IEEE journals and conference proceedings received more than three times the number of citations as any other publisher.
  • Referencing of IEEE papers in patents has increased 838% since 1997.
  • Patents that reference IEEE are cited more often than patents that do not.
  • In the overall patent system, patented technologies are increasingly referencing scientific articles and IEEE provides an increasing portion of that science base.
  • Not only do IEEE publications frequently provide the science base for new inventions, but inventions that build upon IEEE publications are more likely to be valuable in the future than inventions that do not build upon IEEE.

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In its annual study of patent references, 1790 Analytics LLC reveals a wealth of data that places IEEE as the number-one most-cited publisher by technical researchers, as well as a leading source of information and research that is used by industries not central to the IEEE mission.