The IEEE 5G/6G Innovation Testbed (Beta) is a cloud-based, private, secure, end-to-end 5G network testing platform that provides an efficient, low-cost, collaborative testing and development environment for 5G products and services. Use the IEEE 5G/6G Innovation Testbed (Beta) to help you and your partners get products and services to market faster.

Backed by IEEE’s mission as a neutral and trusted global technical association to create an environment where the industry can break new ground and work together to develop the next generation of technology innovations.

With the goal of encouraging collaborative experimentation, the 5G/6G Innovation Testbed (Beta) encourages operators, equipment vendors, and application developers to work together on a wide range of industry applications in a neutral and trusted environment.

The IEEE 5G/6G Innovation Testbed (Beta) is a network of integrated open-source components that avoids challenges that come with relying on fixed proprietary solutions and provides flexibility in adjusting, transforming, and integrating new network functions or features that further enhance current 5G technology and help define 6G functions.

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Features and Benefits

With access to the 5G/6G Innovation Testbed (Beta), users can:

  • Test: Efficient, economic 5G conformity testing within the 3GPP standards ecosystem
  • Experiment: Flexible, scalable, and “always on” for CICD development within a wide range of 5G use cases and scenarios
  • Collaborate: Increase efficiency and speed innovation through collaborative testing and development with partner companies
  • Innovate: Adjust, transform, and integrate new network functions or features
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How to Get Access

Take the first step to getting access to this cutting-edge resource for your organization. Contact an IEEE representative today to learn more about the IEEE 5G/6G Innovation Testbed (Beta)!

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