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Perpetual access to more than 60 years of archival conference content

Organizations can now gain perpetual access to leading technology content from more than 485,000 IEEE conference papers across 860+ conference series. The IEEE Conference Proceedings Archive includes nearly 3,800 historical IEEE proceedings with coverage dating from 1936 through 1999, across numerous areas of technology. The collection includes all of the IEEE conference material currently available in IEEE Xplore for the years specified.

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Features and Benefits

Covering more than 60 years of IEEE conference content published between 1936 and 1999* the IEEE Conference Proceedings Archive delivers key benefits:

  • A one-time purchase with perpetual access to some of the most highly regarded and seminal information available for your entire institution
  • Access to more than 485,000** IEEE conference papers
  • Convenient access to historical issues from more than 860 IEEE conference series;
  • Ensures an institution and its users have perpetual access to scholarly conference content regardless of any future potential budgetary concerns
  • Out-of-print archival material made easily available
  • Helps fulfill a library's role to preserve and archive scholarly material
  • Savings on storage and administration costs associated with maintaining paper archives
  • Exclusively available to current subscribers of the IEEE Electronic Library (IEL) with no annual fees for active IEL subscribers
  • Delivered via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library
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How to Subscribe

IEEE Conference Proceedings Archive with Perpetual Access:
2024 Single-site Price US$94,900

IEEE Conference Proceedings Archive is available exclusively to current subscribers of the IEEE Electronic Library (IEL).

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Terms and Conditions

IEEE Conference Proceedings Archive is available exclusively to current subscribers of the IEEE Electronic Library (IEL).

* Customers will receive perpetual access to IEEE conference papers published from 1936 to 1999 that are currently available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Please note that some conference content from various years may not be available in IEEE Xplore. Customers will receive a cataloged list of all conference titles currently included in the collection. Annual maintenance fee applies: US$500 (subject to change, waived if active IEL subscription is maintained).

** Count from IEEE Xplore Digital Library accurate as of September 2022