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The IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides access to the most respected journal articles, conference proceedings, standards, eBooks, and educational courses on virtually any aspect of technology—to help you move from research to reality.

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Top industry professionals use IEEE Xplore for design and application research and to ensure use of the most up to date standards. They take advantage of the ease and depth of IEEE Xplore to develop new ideas and better solutions—and to stay ahead of the competition.

IEEE Xplore Drives Patents

Research in IEEE Xplore is cited in patents nearly 3x more often than any other scientific or technical publisher, and contains a wealth of information on topics affecting these key industries:

IEEE Xplore is the top resource for everything you need to build, maintain, and enhance aerospace and defense technology—from avionics and airborne platforms, to C4ISR, mission systems, propulsion systems, and much more.

IEEE Xplore is a vital resource for information on everything you need to build, maintain, and enhance automotive technology—from designing components and systems, to innovating new testing procedures, alternative fuel systems, power electronics, intelligent vehicles, and much more.

IEEE Xplore has the essential research necessary to create, test, and enhance biomedical technologies—from imaging systems and sensors, to bioinformatics software, biomedical devices, and much more.

IEEE Xplore is a respected resource for the research you need to create and enhance computing systems, software, and processes—from constructing, maintaining, and expanding computer systems, to software design and implementation, cluster computing, nanoprocessing, and much more.

IEEE Xplore contains all the information you need to know to build, maintain, and enhance electronics technology—from consumer electronics, broadcast systems and signal processors to RFID, Bluetooth®, digital imaging, and much more.

IEEE Xplore provides the research you need to develop new methods for finding, refining, and processing petroleum and natural gas from artificial lift methods and surface oil production systems, to remote sensing, remedial methods, gas production engineering, and much more.

IEEE Xplore has the essential research you need to develop and improve power and energy systems and processes—from production and supply engineering, transmission enhancements, and smart grid optimization, to power control systems, power and electrical standards, and much more.

IEEE Xplore contains the necessary information you need to design, test, and produce advanced, next-generation semiconductors—from semiconductor design and manufacturing, to wafer fab, front end testing, wafer probing, and much more.

IEEE Xplore provides information on everything you need to need to build, maintain, and enhance telecom networks and equipment—from wireline and wireless networks, to satellite clusters, enterprise IT, cable broadband, and much more.